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Latent Analytics provide actionable solutions to organizations through web and machine intelligence.

We help companies solve the problems that matter. With the huge influx of data from social media, public sites, enterprise, and the advancement of artificial intelligence, we uncover hidden insights and answer questions for organizations like never before.

Key organizations in Singapore use Latent Analytics for…

Audience Analysis. Segment user demographics, see what they are thinking and what it the most cost-effective way to reach them.

Brand analysis. See the drivers of both positive and negative sentiments for your brands.

Competitive Intelligence. See how your products and services differ from competitors.

Social Chatter Analysis. Uncover hidden insights and patterns on your vested topics from social chatter.

Provide analytical horsepower. We gather intelligence to your problem sets and recommend actionable solutions.

Execution. We execute and integrate the advisory solutions for your organization.

The Latent Analytics Difference

Knowledge Democratization

We bring access to ‘best practice’ industry models through research, scientific literature and expert interviews.

Radical Intelligence

We leverage Big Data and AI to bring you transformative business intelligence.

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Latent Analytics

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