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Latent Analytics was originated to give actionable data-driven advisory solutions to organizations

We blend advisory work with web and machine intelligence to help you actualize your organization’s goals.

Latent Analytics equip companies with effective analytics edge.

We use data to help you:

identify problems from a fresh external perspective

research and integrate your industry’s best practice model

provide more analytical horsepower

monitor and shape your online narrative

execute advisory solutions

The LA Difference

Knowledge Democratization

We bring access to ‘best practice’ industry models through research, scientific literature and experts.

Radical Intelligence

We leverage Big Data and AI to bring you transformative business intelligence.

The 4 Stage Latent Analytics Process

How does it work

Define the issue

We understand your problem, review the scientific literature supporting the case and prepare a roadmap.

Data collection and exploration

We will collect data from you or we crawl the web for relevant data. We will perform data exploration to seek patterns and correlations in the data.

Develop solution model

We tap on industry expertise from our expert network and scientific literature as appropriate. We iterate across solutions and determine the best solution for you.

Integrate the solution

We will work in hand with you to integrate the solution going forward. Evaluate and adjust as needed.

Get the answers now

Latent Analytics will use radical intelligence to get you the answers.

Latent Analytics

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