Our mission: Bring commercial cases for Big Data, AI and knowledge democratisation

Greater use of radical intelligence, through leveraging Big Data and AI. Bring easy access to ‘best practice’ models, solutions that can be scaled to the widest possible audience. Have more frequents point of contact with clients. Build a collaborative ecosystem to elevate value.

This presents a disruptive opportunity in traditional consulting for Latent Analytics.

Our tools are all built from the ground up, which allows for better client customization.

Transforming and empowering the community

Latent Analytics provides high potential companies with best practice solutions and models.

Wen-Jie Lee

Founder & Research Lead

Leads the firm’s focus in making Big Data, AI and knowledge democratisation easy in creating long-term social and economic value.

Blends business management, economics and computer science.

Former Insti fx trader, multi-asset quant analyst.
Worked on a spectrum of analytical models for economic research and trading.

Supported by developers and data analysts.

Firm’s History

  • 2018


    Square Zero

    Founded in June 2018 to do some good.

Latent Analytics

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(65) 6610 3609 | hello@thelatentanalytics.com