Latent Analytics equips medium-sized Singapore companies with effective analytics edge. We provide integrated full-service analytics capabilities for companies.

We help you:

  • increase sales
  • acquire more customers
  • monitor and shape your online narrative
  • by providing more analytical horsepower
  • identify problems
  • research and integrate your industry’s best practice model

Work done include:

  • Identify business needs with senior managers, structure roadmap to generate a solution, tapping on Latent Analytics analytical capabilities
  • On-going social sentiment tracking of the company across social media platforms. Alert customer when there is a material change in sentiment polarity
  • Research on the historical change in customer demand over time and geographical location
  • Employ machine learning to predict changes in company data from input variables

Capabilities – Research industry models, sentiment analysis, predictive analytics

Sales and Marketing

Customers are shifting how they acquire information on and purchase products across markets. Data provision and tools are now abundant. Transforming how you go to market can unlock great value for firms and customers.

We help clients align their strategic direction, align marketing and sales capabilities to capture the full potential of omnichannel opportunities to deliver above market growth.

Google search analytics to understand where demand is coming from. Sentiment analysis on product reviews and company feedback to see what customer is thinking.

Predictive Analytics

Use machine learning to predict market conditions and future product sales. Better understand customer behaviours, reduce churn and optimise resource usage and efficiency.

Google Search Analytics

Using search data to understand the information gathering process of users.

Track search volume trends to better understand user intent. Spot a trend before it manifests. Support long-tail marketing.

Uses: Market research, customer acquisition.

Social Sentiment Analysis

Decode large volume of digital opinions to give the bigger picture accurately and faster.

Social media and other technologies are generating an unprecedented amount of multi-structured data. Big data is able to provide us with hidden insights into businesses, industries and to unlock value.

Uses: Predict the future behaviour of customers and stakeholders. For marketing and asset allocation purposes.

Sift through millions of documents in real time to track sentiment analysis. Understand your competitor’s online footprint, the industry and the bigger picture as a whole.

Uses: Control one’s brand reputation online. Capture opportunistic moments and mitigate damages.


Growing globalisation, technological change and economic interconnections are challenging old business models. Companies need to understand and adapt to new strategic environments with distinct approach and capabilities.

Help organization to improve performance through analysing existing problems and the development of a solution plan. Identify high-level problems and solutions.

Uses: Support business goals.

Financial Modelling for Trading and Investments

Provide statistical-backed methodologies to generate alpha across assets.

Develope strategies cross assets – fixed income, currencies, commodities, equities and digital assets. For speculative or hedging purposes.

Uses: Reduce costs and generate PNL.

Latent Analytics

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